Our History

We’re artists at heart and passionate about recycling, so we divert a lot of objects. Benoit is an amazing handyman and Sabrina has 1000 ideas an hour! Meanwhile, Anthony learns from his dad and helps us if his teenage motivation kicks in…

Nearly 10 years of self-renovation, thousands of hours of research, rummaging through flea markets, scribbling drawings and sleepless nights to achieve the result you’ll see during your stay in Carcassonne.



This building dates back to 1650. It was attached to the priory, our home, which dates back to 1460 and whose foundations date back to Charlemagne.
The bathroom on the ground floor used to be a small courtyard in which stood the well you can see in the shower.
These two houses were connected by the present staircase, where you can see the arched opening.

We’ll tell you more, but it’s a secret!


This building dates back to 1877. It was home to 19 Benedictine nuns of the Holy Family until the 1960s. to become a cooperative insurance agency for farmers.
Abandoned in the 2000s…
The chapel lost its altar, which we replaced with a bathtub. The original stained-glass window is a jewel that we are trying to preserve. Don’t forget to look up!

We’ll tell you the stories of the past…



We have been committed to an environmentally responsible approach for over 20 years.
We’re aiming for as zero waste as possible. Of course, we’re not perfect, but every little bit helps.

To accompany you on this journey and take your first steps towards zero waste, or continue your own journey, we provide :
– On request: shopping bags, bulk bags and containers…
– In your home: washable or fully recyclable sponges, eco-labeled or homemade washing-up liquid. We make toxic-free detergent, dishwasher tablets and shower gel…

Here are some of the actions already in place:
– responsible energy and water management
– Zero pesticides in our garden and we feed birds, hedgehogs and squirrels.
– Zero toxic products, including household products. We manufacture our own multi-surface cleaners and toilet gels. Toilet paper is chosen for its minimal packaging and eco-friendly production.
– We buy our meat, fruit and vegetables from local producers, without packaging and as organic as possible. We grow a few vegetables and herbs in the garden and have chickens.
– 95% homemade for our meals (yoghurts, pastries, sauces and various dishes…except for the pastries, because we can’t keep up with our baker!) We know how to adapt to all diets (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan…).
– Waste sorting and recovery
– Solar dehydrator